"The camera is my tool. Through it I give a reason to everything around me."

-​André Kerté​sz


How Is He 6 Months Already

Can someone please tell me why time seems to pass by faster and faster. This handsome heartbreaker is already 6 months old and I cannot believe it. By the way, not only d...
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And Then He Turned One

How did that happen? I remember when he was just a little bug and we did his newborn pictures. I just love that Mom wanted pictures at a pumpkin patch and man, what a gre...
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Senior Session Photo Bomb!

Who would have thought when we started out, that we would get photo bombed in the best way ever. I will let you discover for yourself what I am talking about but let me t...
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The One in Florissant

When I got contacted by this couple I knew it would just love to be their wedding photographer. It was a beautiful, laid back and intimate ceremony somewhat far away from...
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Oh, She's Got "It"

Whatever "it" is, she's got it. I will have to admit, I am bias here, but just look at her, how can you not just stare at her pictures and think to yourself "wow". Her...
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