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If you know fine art portraiture is what's missing in your home, then you are very close to holding your own piece of heirloom quality artwork in your hands.

Start by scheduling a consultation to go over your vision for your creative session and your home. This includes choosing the right location to match your family and style, talking about what to wear and most importantly; Where and how you want to display your new portraits in your home.

I will make sure to capture the most beautiful memories and provide you with the highest quality products. From museum quality canvases to heirloom keepsake boxes and everything in-between. I will design your wall arrangements, albums or whatever else you would like my assistance with.











About Jackie

Documenting life around me as it happens is my passion: It's what I am good at and it is what fulfills me. I love details, candid - in the moment - shots and honest smiles and love to mix those with more traditional portraiture for my clients to suit their personal preference.


I believe that extraordinary images of you and your family should always be part of your home design.


Thus Jackie Kelly Photography is proud to be your family portrait service, specializing in heirloom quality products to be enjoyed for generations to come!

I will help you with planning of attire, location, artwork design and installation.

I believe owning artwork designed from images of what matters most to you produces an intense feeling of satisfaction, especially if coming home to it after a hard day of "life". Often times the smile it creates on our faces is all we need to leave our worries behind.


Can we become friends?

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